Fangqun Yu

Fangqun Yu
Senior Research Associate & Professor

Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
State University of New York at Albany
251 Fuller Road, Albany, New York 12203
(518) 437-8767
(518) 437-8758(fax)

Research Interests:

Molecular scale investigation of environmental nucleation processes through computational quantum study and kinetic nucleation modeling

Formation and growth of tropospheric particles: Modeling, data analyses, and comparisons

Development and continuous improvement of a computationally efficient advanced particle microphysics (APM) model for coupling with GEOS-Chem, WRF-Chem, and CESM

Regional aerosol modeling using WRF-Chem + APM and GEOS-Chem+APM on nested domains

Global aerosol modeling using GEOS-Chem + APM and CESM + APM

Key processes controlling particle size distribution and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) abundance

Aerosol-cloud-climate interaction study using regional and global climate models

Aerosol direct/indirect radiative forcing and climate change, climate feedback mechanisms involving particle nucleation

Formation and growth of ultrafine particles in various plumes (engine exhaust, power plant, volcano, etc.)

Combustion chemistry, and soot particle formation inside engine