Air-Sea Gas Exchage Data Sets

2007 R/V Knorr Air-Sea CO2/DMS Flux Data

These data were collected during 2 cruises in the North Atlantic during summer 2007: one from Barbados to Iceland, and the other from Iceland to Woods Hole Massachusetts. Data sets include a README description file, an image of the 2007 R/V Knorr cruise tracks, and meteorology, sea surface CO2 and DMS concentrations, and CO2 and DMS fluxes. These data are also availabe as supplementary online material with the manuscript.

Miller, S.D., C.A. Marandino C.A., W.J.De Bruyn, and E.S. Saltzman: Air-Sea Gas Exchange of CO2 and DMS in the North Atlantic by Eddy Covariance, Geophysical Research Letters, doi:10.1029/2009GL038907.