R/P FLIP. (photo C. Friehe)

Platform Motion Corrections (motion.m)
One of the biggest issues in the 'direct' measurement of turublent fluxes at sea is the necessity to correct measurements of the wind vector for apparent winds induced by motion of the platform. This Matlab program combines measurements of the turbulent wind vector and platform motion to calculate a corrected (true) wind vector. The wind sensor is assumed to be a 3 dimensional ultrasonic anemometer, and the motion sensor a set of 3 orthogonal accelerometers and 3 orthogonal angle rate sensors. The script also returns several optional parameters related to the motion of the platform and the correction procedure. Note that the script calls filter functions from the Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox.

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When using this script, reference:

Miller, S.D., T.S. Hristov, J.B. Edson, and C.A. Friehe, 2008: Platform Motion Effects on Measurements of Turbulence and Air-Sea Exchange Over the Open Ocean, J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech. 25(9), 1683–1694, DOI: 10.1175/2008JTECHO547.1.

Campbell Datalogger to Matlab (readcsi.m)
This script reads the output of Campbell Scientifc 'table'-style loggers (e.g., CR1000, CR3000, CR5000) directly into Matlab without having to run additional packages like Campbell's Split. The routine works with the ascii (TOA1) and binary (TOB1, FP2) formats. Generally, the binary runs faster than the ASCII. The software is a single Matlab function. Click here to get readsci.m.